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Spa Girls

inflatable spa pool
my splash spa
my oasis spa
mysplash from $5690
4 to 6 person spa
1.91m x 1.91m x .93m
myoasis from $6290
5 person Spa
1.92m x 1.92m x .83m
1 recliner spa
my escape spa
myfavourite from $6490
6 person spa
1.99m x 1.99m x .77m
myescape from $6490
5 person spa
1.95 x 1.95 x .82

my partner spa

my getaway spa
mypartner from $6790
3 person spa
2m x 1.6m x .85m
mygetaway from $6490
2 person spa
2.25m x 1.56m x .79m
my family spa
my temptatiob spa
from $8990
5 person spa
1.99m x 1.99m x .85m
myfamily from $8990
5 to 6 person spa
1.985m x 1.985m x .89m

my spa dream

my chillout spa
mydream from $7490
6 person spa
(details instore)
2.1m x 2.1m x .88m

mychillout from $7490
5 person spa
(details instore)
2.1m x 2.1m x .88m

my home spa
my timeout spa
myhome from $8990
5 to 6 person spa
2.15m x 2.15m x .93m
mytimeout from $9290
6 person spa
2260 x 1990 x .915m
my luxury spa
my relaxation spa
myluxury from $8990
6 person Spa
2.3m x 2.3m x m.89m

myrelaxation from $9990
6 to 7 person spa
2.32m x 2.32m x .93m

my recovery spa
my extravagance spa
myrecovery from $8990
7 person spa
2.3m x 2.3m x .88m
Details instore
myextravagance from $10,990
6 to 7 person spa
2.31m x 2.31m x .84m
my friends spa
myfriends from $8990
8 person spa
2.265m x 2.265m x .85m

myparadise spa pool

myparadise from $10,990
8 person spa
2.6m x 2.3m x .88m
my team spa
myparty from $10,990
10 person spa
2.75m x 2.265m x .9m
my team spa
myteam from $15,990
10 person spa
3.475m x 2.285m x .1.1m

kids in swim spa

Check out our range of Sapphire Swim Spas

lady in swim spa

swim spa perth

gas heater for spa

Go Green with West Coast Spas and
lower your power bill

Spa Heat Pump
Available as Spa Net or ThermoSmart

Spa light is included with all model spas

portable spa light

Click on the following link for information on inground spas and lowered portable spas
Inground Spas

Phone (08) 9301 4922

weekly payment plans

Cabinet Colours

cedar spa cabinet
Standard Cedar

mocha spa cabinet
Duratek mocha

grey spa cabinet
Duratek grey

Duratek's fade and stain resistance is confidently backed by our unconditional 3 year warranty, beware of cheap imported plastic cabinets that fade within 18 months

Multi award winning spas
If you are looking for a spa in Perth or anywhere in West Australia, the my-spa range have been awarded as the most economic and innovative spa at the prestigous Splash awards, if you are interested in helping the environment and lowering your power bill, talk to us about our award winning Australian made Sapphire Spas range

West Coast Spas are the 2014 to present day, Sapphire Spas dealer of the year

West Coast Spas are the current Gold medal winner for Portable Spas SPASA
(from the spa and pool accosiation of West Australia)

gold medal best spa perth

We plant a tree for every Spa we sell
Carbon Neutral LOGO


Due to ever evolving technologies specifications may change without notice. Pictures for illustration purposes only

Inflatable Spas
from $990

2016 models now available

inflatable spa perth

inflatable spas available in 4 or
6 person, square or round

Pool Liner Spas from $1495

cheap priced spa perth
Tuscany pool liner spas from $1695

Our complete range of portable spas to the left are
Australian made

aussie logo

Be a smart shopper, always ask where your spa is made and how long the spa brand has been around for, has the manufacturer changed their name or ever been bankrupt and left many spa owners with no warranty or even no spa? Do your homework

ph (08) 9301 4922
or email us for a quote



Huge Sale now on

Perth and West Australia has the best climate for year round spa use. Set your spa to cool in summer and hot in winter

Power saving Options

reduce power

Perth Aussie made spas

"These spas are as Australian as my dog"

When purchasing an outdoor spa pool or hot tub it is great to know that your spa is made right here in Australia, when you spend money here, your money stays here, it will eventually come around and come back to you. When you spend money on overseas imported portable spas, your money leaves the country and will never come back, taking Australian jobs with it. Buy Australian first and do your bit for Australia

Australian Made logo

Country Clients Click Here for Freight Details

Saunas now on sale

Cedar Sauna
Check out our huge range of saunas

Inground spa
In-ground Spas

Trading hours

Introducing the worlds most
economical pump

wave pump

Includes wave style massage and available in all 2 pump model spas or upgrade any spa
Ask us about our power saving options;
Gas or new heat pump technolgy
save up to 75% on heating cost


We plant a tree for every spa you buy

Cover Colours

slate spa cover
beige spa cover
blue spa cover
espresso spa cover
green spa cover
tan spa cover
West Coast Spas is the only 100% West Australian spa brand in Perth

All West Coast Spas are available as inground or portable, gas or electric, budget priced or full therapy, 1, 2 and 3 pump models available.