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Spa Girls

SP 601 touchpad and control system
By Spa Quip / Davey

In stock call now 9301 4922
sp601 touchpad
Spa touch pad SP 500

SP601 manual

The Spa Quip SP601 control system is a very relaible system for portable spas, it is very simple and easy to use, it is a great system for replacing older systems, such as Splash or waterco. This system needs to have the special plugs on pumps and blowers, the plugs are called "amp" plugs.

The Sp601 was originally made by Spa Quip, Davey water products purchased the Spa Quip brand and continues to make the Sp600 system, the SP600 is more commonly used in 1 pump model portable spas these days

sp601 control system
SP 601 Control system, sometimes called SP600

We stock the SP601 touchpads, blower, pumps and control systems
phone 9301 4922
email info@westcoastspas.com.au

Had enough of your old Spa?
We buy second hand spas
9301 4922

SP601 Heater Tube
Davey SP601 Heater Tube

Need to move your spa? Check out our spa moving service
Spa Relocation Perth

spa filter

spa filter cartridge

spa blower suit sp500
Spa blower to suit SP600
sp 500 spa pump
Sp600 compatable pump

sp601 touch pad
SP 601 touch pad

Below are some digital touch pad manuals, feel free to down load them

SP 601 manual

Error 6 fix

portable spa

Our range of Portable Spas