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Spa Girls

Perth Spa Relocation
Call 0403386477 to move a spa
Call 93014922 to sell your spa

only call the shop if you want to sell your portable spa
(we do not buy inground spas)

Moving home and need to move your spa? Here are a few
Spa relocation services.

If you want to relocate your
current spa call
numbers below
Clark, Speedy Spas 0403 386 477
Spa movers, Mike 0419 832 319 or 92037800
Evolution spa services 0433 488 496

Two Rocks crane hire also remove and relocate spas they use a crane
Two rocks crane hire 04cranes41 (northern suburbs)
Green and Gold Hiabs can lift spas on to their truck with their Hiab but they don't put them on trollies and place them where they need to go etc, they only use their hiab which has around a 10m reach and then their truck can deliver
Green and Gold Hiabs 0413704664
If you have an old portable spa you want to sell, call our shop on 9301 4922

How about a new gazebo for your spa? check out our spa gazebos

Large range of Saunas available