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Spa Girls

WA logo
Perth WA
Perth is a beautiful place filled with beautiful people, we have some great sights and enjoy a prosperous economy. Most people who travel the globe rate Perth as one of the best places on the planet, we have friendly people, great resources and the best weather you could wish for.

When purchasing an outdoor spa pool or hot tub it is great to know that your spa is made right here Australia, when you spend money here, your money stays here, it will eventually come around and come back to you. When you spend money on overseas imported portable spas, your money leaves the country and will never come back, taking West Australian jobs with it.

The good news is that West Coast Spas specialise in Australian manufactured spas, these spas are made right here in our great country. We stock one of the largest range of Australian manufactured spas in Australia. Be aware of poor quality imported spas, and imported spas that are made overseas, but mislead the public by not stating where they are made, but having Australian flags on their brochures or stating that their spas are Australian designed and Australian owned, this can mislead the general public as they think they are buying Australian.

Enjoy the good life and buy WA first. West Coast Spas are a market leader in terms of quality, price and service and are a West Australian owned company that sell Australian made spas.

Perth City and the Swan River
Perth City

This Perth Life
Advice and information for people who want to live in Perth, Western Australia.

Perth History
Captain James Stirling founded the City of Perth as part of the Swan River Colony in 1829. Captain Stirling thought the natural environment around Perth was as beautiful as anything he had seen, and advocated that a colony be established there. The British Government agreed to found the colony as the first free settlement in Australia and the first settlers arrived in Western Australia in June 1829. On August 12 of that year, the felling of a tree marked the official foundation of the City of Perth.

Although this territory was claimed on behalf of Britain, explorers from nations including Holland and France had been visiting the Western Australian coastline since the early 1600s and the land had been populated by indigenous people for approximately 50,000 years.

"These spas are as Australian as my dog"

Aussie made spas

Perth logo

For a wide range of outdoor products from Kayaks to bouncy castles visit Perth Outdoor