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Spa Girls

Spa pool gazebo

myparadise 70

myparadise spa pool
8 people
2.6 x 2.3m x .88m
1500 litres
dry weight 375 kg
Filled weight 2000kg

Included Spa Features
Whisper Quiet Pumps
Digital Control
Lockable Insulating Cover
Export Quality Cedar Cabinet
Duratek Plasic Cabinet also available
Aromatherapy system

Hydrotherapy Jets

Inbuilt Drinks esky
Quality Aristech acrylic
Soft Durable Headrests
Energy Efficient Variable Heater (biggest available)
(heaters that don't turn off when pumps are on)
Made in Australia

Blower Assist
CD Ozone
UV Ozone
Perimeter Lighting
Stainless Jets
Variable Heater
Power requirements
HPR (heat pump ready)
myparadise 50
50 Jets
1 x 3hp + 1 x circ
15 amp
myparadise 70
70 Jets
2 x 3hp inc +1 x circ
32 amp
(pictured above)
Available in the following colours
silver white spa colour
midnight opal spa colour
oceanwave spa colour
Silver White Pearl
Midnight Opal
Oceanwave Opal

We plant a tree for every sale we get


The smartsaver range comes Heat Pump Ready, this gives you the customer the opportunity to save up to 75% on your heating costs, this heat pump can also actually heat or cool your water. If your spa is heat pump ready, it means you can add the Heat Pump at any time, it simply plugs in

Spa heat pump

Environmental award winning spa
The Worlds most economical pump can be fitted to the myparadise spa. While it has the most economical filtering (costs only the third of the price to run when compared to any of our competitors) it also has the lowest massage cost when on full speed, this is accomplished by the wave style massage, and the various 80 speed levels.
When having a massage, this pump will cost around 25 % of the cost of a normal spa pump that is used by all of our competitors. This is why this spa won the Environmental award for most economic.
While many of our competitors boast that they have a great power rating, but are not able to back it up with facts and figures or specification sheets, we can show you all facts and figures and back it up with an award.


Please watch out for misleading and deceptive conduct, this is happening in the market place. Companies with low ethics and values are understating their power usage and overstating their competitors, this is unlawful. There are also companies stating they use 4hp pumps and even putting it on their brochures, when actually they are only using 2.5hp pumps.
For Honesty and a guaranteed lower power bill choose
West Coast Spas



For more information on this spa please call our shop on
9301 4922
or send us an email at info@westcoastspas.com.au

Due to ever evolving manufacturing, specifications may change without notice



When purchasing an outdoor spa pool or hot tub it is great to know that your spa is made right here in Australia.

When you spend money here, your money stays here, it will eventually come around and come back to you.

When you spend money on overseas imported portable spas, your money leaves the country and will never come back, taking Australian jobs with it.

Australian Made

Australian built with Australian warranty

family in outdoor spa
West Coast Spas is a West Australian owned and operated company
We sell Australian made spas and are the only 100% West Australian Spa Brand in Perth


portable party spa

West Coast Spas come standard with a cedar cabinet
Duratek option also available

reduce carbon
Ask us about our power saving options

Check out our range of saunas

sauna 4 person

Varidrive spa pump