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Spa Girls

friends in spa

Inflatable and pool-liner semi-rigid spas

alpine mspa

Alpine 4 person Inflatable
6 person inflatable spa
luxury exotic mspa inflatable
Luxury Exotic 6 person spa
Super Castello 6 person
grey tuscany spa

6 person grey semi-rigid spa

Affordable luxury

couple in spa
Included Features

Whisper Quiet Pump
Digital Control
Lockable Cover
Efficient Filtration
Quiet Blower
Internal pump/blower
Electric Heater
Synthetic leather cover
4 and 6 person spas

internal inflatable spa pump
Internal pump, unlike all other inflatable noisy spas, the spa is very quiet, the pump is inside the actual spa casing.
While many inflatable spas have as little as 30 day warranty, our inflatables have 12 months

features of spa


Inflatable spa in Perth

6 person Super Castello 2017 model
2040mm wide x 700mm height (1200 litres)

The Super Castello is nothing like like a kids inflatable pool. It is made from a similar material to a White Water Rafting Boat and is tough!. The bladder is non flexible so you don't get that ballooning wobbly effect. The patented ibeam structure inside the walls provides a rigid frame that supports the full weight of adults sitting on the side ...without spilling a drop

The spa is self inflating and takes around 20 minutes to set up.
The spa comes with a lockable lid and insulated floor system to sit under the spa

6 person was $1495 now $1195
4 person Grey $990

grey super castello spa in Perth

Super Special 2018
6 person super castello was $1495 now $1195

2017 model
6 person inflatable
1200 litres with 135 air jets
Luxury exotic crocodile skin

luxury exotic mspa inflatable
The Luxury Exotic $1495


Tuscany bubble spa

Tuscany non inflatable spas from

inflatable  spa with cover
Extras Available

floating spa light
Floating lights $65

floarting spa bar
Floating spa bars $25

mspa head rests

Head rest (3) with drink holder on 3rd head rest $100

mspa filters
Filters set of two $50
(spa comes with 2 filters no extra charge)

mspa cover
Mspa cover $90
(the spa comes with a lockable cover, this is an extra cover for enhanced protection)

spa vacuum
Spa vacuum $55

Perth Spa chemicals

Spa Chemical kit $70

Wicker mspa surround

Wicker surround table (2 piece) $250

We plant a tree for every spa we sell


digital temperature setting anywhere from 20c to 40c
mspa with gazebo

How does the Super Castello compare with it's competitors?
There is simply no comparison! Firstly...we have a dedicated west Australian Spare Parts & Service Department with a help desk for support. 9301 4922 Secondly...the 2017 Super Castello is the adult version of the other toy models currently on the market!

12 months electrical warranty

New spec for 2015
sale price $1195
Inflatable spa in Perth

The Super Castello is a 6 person spa, this is more comfortable than the normal tiny 4 person spas that are sometimes seen on the market. The Super Castello is the strongest inflatable spa on the market and the thickest in the whole range.

Unlike cheap inflatables the Super Castello comes with an outer protective grey outside cover as pictured above, it has a stylish look and is very modern looking, with this neutral colour this spa will look good in any area. The manufacturer of these spas also makes fishing, recreational and lifesaving boats out of the same factory, so they know how to make them tough.
inflatable bubble spa

Spa prices
4 person square $990
6 person $1495
6 person Super Castello
was $1495 now $1195


Inflatable spa box in Perth
Spa comes in one large box

Available in Grey

self inflating spa

This is how they inflate, self-inflating by using the spas own air blower


Alpine inflatable spa
4 person
1.85m x 1.85m x .68h

Alpime inflatable spa

Square designAlpine spa with lockable lid
lockable cover included

The Alpine can fit 4 adults and 2 children

Q. What sort of power do I need
A. Just a normal household power point. It will need to be RCD protected, most modern houses are these days, just make sure you check.

Q. Are they very strong
A. Yes, these are the strongest on the market, it is very rare and almost impossible that one of these will break or leak

Q. What sort of warranty do you have
A. 12 months electrical and 6 months on the bladder

Q. Do I have to send my spa over east for repairs if it needs them.
A. In the rare case that you would need repairs, simply bring it to the store and we will repair it for you, the motor, heater and pump system simply slips out from underneath the spa, it is a big grey plastic box, simply bring this in and we will repair it and water test it for you.

Q. Do you have one on display that we can look at and test.
A. Yes come in and have a look, you will be very impressed, we have one full of water for you to see running.

Q. Do you need chemicals or sanitisers
A.Yes we have chemical kits available from $60

Q. Can you have the spa cold?
A. Yes you can turn the temperature anywhere from 20 to 42c, turn the heater off in summer if you like

Q. Are the spas good for winter
A. Yes just set your spa to a nice warm temperature of around 37c

Q. What surface should the spa be put on to
A. Paving, decking, a concrete slab and anything that is strong and can support the weight. Do not put the spa on sand gravel or grass

Q. There is 4 of us that would be using the spa is the 4 person big enough?
A. The 4 person fits a maximum of 4 persons, it is great for 2 or 3 people, but would be a bit of a squeeze with 4 people in it. If you want 4 people to fit comfortably; get the 6 seater as this fits 4 people comfortably and can fit a maximum of 6

Q. I purchased my inflatable spa over east do you repair them?
A. We only look after our own customers, you will have to send it back over there, sorry, but we want to put all of our resources in to our own customers, we love our customers and want to give them 100% of our service

Q. How long do these spas last?
A. These spas can last forever, every single part is replaceable, so if in the rare case something did break, that part can be replaced

Couple in spa

Tuscany bubble spa

Tuscany non inflatable spas from $1695
available in brown and grey

2017 model

Mspa inflatable spa

2017 model
crocodile skin luxury exotic
6 person

2017 specification
mspa inflatable grey

2017 model Super Castello
The thickest inflatable spa on the market
Was $1495 now only $1195
great value for a 6 person spa

4 person inflatable spa grey
Castello 4 person spa $990

Perth  couple in Spa pool