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Spa Girls

Spa Gazebo & Pool Fence

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an in ground spa and an above ground portable spa pool?
West Coast Spas offer both options. Some people prefer the look of in ground spas because it is less visible and sits lower in the ground, but the above ground spa pools are more accessible from a servicing point of view; if there is a need to get to the plumbing you don't have to dig up half the garden and if you are moving home you have the choice of taking your spa with you.

These days 95% of spa sales are above ground portable. The advantage of a portable spa is that they contain all the pumps, blowers, filters, heating and electrical in the cabinet, so there is no other equipment outside of the spa. Inground spas have a fair bit of equipment that you will need to find a home for, filter, heater, pump, control systems and blower; they must be within 6 meters,

How much maintenance is involved?
One of the benefits of an outdoor spa pool is that there is little maintenance required. To maintain water quality you need to add chemicals. The frequency will depend on how often you use your spa. For more details, speak with one of our consultants or check our chemicals page.
Clean your filter once per week and clean your jets once per year. If you have a portable spa, apply a coat of wood oil to the cabinet twice a year.

What about plumbing?
Above ground spas have all the plumbing contained in the cabinet, no plumbing is required simply fill with your garden hose. An inground spa will have a bit of plumbing going between the spa and pumps and heaters etc.

Do I need regular servicing of my Spa pool?
Not really, but we do suggest; every fortnight; clean the filter, every 3 to 4 months it is best to empty your spa. Once per year; clean the acrylic, oil the cabinet, clean and put protectant on the hard cover, spray for bugs, clean the jets, check cables and power connections and check for ware and tare. This is to ensure everything is working perfectly. Regular servicing can be arranged give us a call if you would like this done for you.

What about fencing for a spa pool?
Local council regulations on fencing in pools, spas and water features vary from shire to shire. The aim of course is to protect young children from wandering into unprotected backyards and falling in. We recommend that all backyards are secured at all times and that clients contact their local council to ensure they are abiding by the specific requirements for their area. Sometimes a self sliding door may be used.

The spas come with a lockable hard cover that lock in 6 different places with a key. Some people make a feature out of their spa fence, we have seen them made out of, glass, wood ballastrading, bamboo, limestone walls, rendered walls and even brush wood, this is just to name a few, so be creative. We had one customer who built a 500mm structure under his spa that made it a total 1.2m height, this eliminated the need for fencing.

But be careful a 4 year old child can scale a pool fence, so make sure you always keep your spa cover locked. A locked spa cover will keep a child safe.

Our swim spas are over 1.2m height and do not need pool fencing, however if you use steps you will need to fence the steps


We also supply 2 gazebos that come with approved fencing. This model pictured has the bar top system with perspex on top.

This can also come without the roof, it is fully approved and has a bar top all the way around, handy for drinks, snacks and your phone.

Can West Coast Spas assist with landscaping?
Whilst we're not landscaping experts, if you have a particular theme in mind, we're happy to give you our opinion on what would work well with your choice of spa, after all we have seen hundreds of different ideas and can point you in the right direction. Come and have a look at our store, we have many displays of decking, gazebos and spa pools.

Why buy a West Coast Spa?
Our spas are made right here in Australia, this means that your service and warranty is very local, your parts are mostly Australian or West Australian. Every week we find people trying to source parts for their imported spas, unfortunately they are usually to hard to find and brands from non English speaking countries are near on impossible to repair or find parts for. Most of the companies that sold imported spas are no longer around, this leaves their customers in a poor situation.

We have 100% happy customers, we have no complaints with Fair Trading or Consumer protection; and unfortunately we are one of the only spa companies that can say this. The difference is that we actually care about people. Spas come with a manufacturers warranty, so it is good to know that our spas are manufactured in Australia. We have the option of getting our spa pools made off shore, yes it will give us bigger profit margins, but at the cost of customer service and poorer quality, so our decision is to continue to sell a local product, this gives us a higher quality build and superior levels of customer service, plus it keeps jobs and your money in Australia.

How much does it cost to run a spa pool?
West Coast Spas are surprisingly energy efficient. Most of our models run off a 2 hp pump or two speed 3hp pump and use hardly any power at all. The average cost of heating and running a spa is about a $1 to $1.50 per day and less for gas heated systems, this includes having the spa set to your ideal temperature and being used and filtered daily.

What sort of surface does the portable spa have to sit on?
The best surface for a spa is a concrete pad, other types of surfaces are also acceptable as long as they are level; brick paving is only acceptable if a professional type of job has been done, for example yellow sand was used, leveled and compacted before the bricks were laid. Decking is acceptable as long as it is sturdy and can hold the weight of spa, water and people. Uneven paving, gravel, grass or dirt is not to be used as a base for the spa to sit on.

What if I need to move my portable spa pool?
We have a list of spa removalists they can do it all for you

What power is required for an outdoor spa?
Spas can come in a variety of models all using different power. Our standard models run off of a normal household 10 amp power point, our typhoon models run off of a 15 amp power point and our deluxe cyclone models run off of a 32 amp hard wired system (usually 2 pump versions)

What is the difference between a hot tub, an outdoor spa and a portable spa?
There is no difference, they are all the same, in America and Canada the climate can get quite cold, way below freezing, so you will find many people in these countries call them hot tubs, such as www.prestigehottubs.com in Canada.
In Australia the climate is much hotter and we call them spa pools as we not only use them to warm up in winter, we also use them to cool down in our hot summers.

If I have spa with an ozone system, do I still need to use chemicals?
Yes, you still need to add chemicals to a spa that is running an ozone purification system, some people think that you do not, but YES YOU DO, for more information on spa chemicals, go to our chemicals page

I do not like chlorine, do you sell chlorine free systems for spas?
Yes, we sell 3 types of chlorine free systems, however we recommend the Nature 2 system, this uses a combination of sanitisers, it does use some chlorine, but at very low levels, slightly higher than your tap water. This system has lower maintenance, less problems and is a lower cost solution.

I have a spa that I purchased elsewhere, The company that I purchased it from are no longer around, can you help me repair it?
While we do have a service department that services and repairs most brands of spas, we do not service or repair imported spas, and especially spas that come from China. Many of these spas are not made to Australian standards, many are dangerous, and finding spare parts for these spas is near impossible, you may find it hard to find a service company to repair Chinese spas, as most that we know of will not go near them.
But if you have an Australian manufactured spa that you purchased elsewhere, YES, if you have any problems, we can service and repair it for you, and we have most spa parts in stock.

What is the difference between running a spa on gas or electric?
Our spas can be run on gas or electric, the spas come with an electric heater, this is at no extra cost, gas systems are more expensive to purchase, a gas heating system will add around $1600 to $2,000 to the price. We also sell a range of high efficient electric heaters that are as efficient as gas heaters, but these will also add a similar amount to the initial purchase price of your spa. All spas come with a 2 or 3 kw electric heater, all our spas are insulated. One would question spending an additional $1,500 to $2,000 on a spa heater when you could use that money to put some solar electricity panels on the roof, this would off set the running costs of the spa.

We have a new range of heat pumps that are as efficient as gas, this uses similar technology to a split system reverse cycle air conditioner, you can actually heat or cool your spa, the heater is called a heat pump and sits next to your spa, it looks similar to a split system air conditioner.

What about solar heating for a spa pool?
This is an option that is not currently viable, the problem with this system is that you do not want the warm spa water going up to the roof heating system if the water is not warm enough in the roof, such as night time or cloudy days, the only time it would work well is when it is really hot, and you do not really want to have a hot spa when it is hot. The amount it would cost to run this system would be more than the savings, as you would need an extra pump, the solar heating pipes and an extra control system with temp sensors, solenoids and timers. To our knowledge there is no solar spa system on the Australian market that is efficient in heating your spa and saving you money. Hopefully this will change.

Why is there so much negativity and bad publicity about Chinese made spas?
There are many reasons for this, mainly quality and warranty issues. Chinese made spas have a poor reputation, this is not made up or fantasy, it is a fact, any spa service technician will tell you this. This is why most companies that sell Chinese spas try and sugar coat it or not really tell you where they are made. Some Spa shops will even tell you they are Australian made just to get the sale.

Please note that over 60% of spa shops that sold imported spas over the last 5 years are no longer around. So what looked like a good deal at the time has turned in to a nightmare for some spa owners. We get people knocking on our doors at least once per week looking for parts for their imported spas, unfortunately, we can not help them.

Many Chinese spas are not made to Australian standards and many have been recalled by the government, the owners of these spas have been told that they are not allowed to use them.

One of the biggest issues we see with imported spas from China is delamitation, this is where the acrylic separates from the fiberglass, this happens because the manufacturers cut corners and use cheap product or no product before adding the fiberglass.This is the most important part of manufacturing a spa, if you get this wrong, your spa will delaminate.

If you want to buy Australian and you are passionate about this country and keeping jobs here, maybe watch out for the following.

Many companies that sell spas from China, do not like to admit they are Chinese made spas, some try and confuse the customer with statements like:
Our spa company is Australian Owned and our spas are Australian designed, this just misleads this consumer as they will think it is Australian. No where do they make the statement MADE IN CHINA.

Another trick that some spa companies use is that they say, "our spas are assembled in China but use Australian parts", but actually the Australian parts are also made in China, so they are selling Chinese made spas with Chinese made parts, but trying to sell them off as Australian.

We have the below logo on our web site, we also fly the Australian flag in our store. We are passionate about Australia, we are not saying this so that you buy one of our spas, there are a few Australian manufacturers out there, buy one from anywhere but do yourself and your country a favour and buy Australian.

The thing you have to ask yourself is why would a spa company get their spas made in China? They DO NOT do it for quality or to improve customer service, they do it to make more profit, and this is at the cost of quality and customer service.

There are also a couple of Spa companies out there that make spas overseas as they have burnt all their Australian suppliers, and can no longer make spas in Australia as no one will supply them with parts. These companies are not very ethical, some of them even change their names to avoid warranty claims and law suits from previous suppliers.


What is the difference between cedar cabinets and the fake wood cabinets?
We do both so we can give you an unbiased point of view.

Wood looks better and can be oiled and sanded back if there are any scratches
Plastic is hard to repair, if it gets scratched or marked the marks are there for life

Wood needs to be oiled at least once per year (10 to 20 minute job)
Plastic will need to be washed (5 to 10 minute job)

Wood has better insulation properties making it slightly cheaper to run your spa

Plastic has been known to fade, wood can also fade but if you oil it it will come up like new, a faded plastic cabinet can not be painted, sanded or oiled, so if it does fade, you are stuck with it.

Most plastic cabinets are trying to look like wood, where as wood is already beautiful.

Many imported spas use plastic, it is easier to bring in to the country, as there is no fumigation needed, where many of the Australian made spas do not have this issue, this is why most Australian spas use cedar wood.

We find around 99% of customers are choosing cedar wood, it looks better and is in Vogue, it goes well with decking, paving, limestone, slate and looks great with any spa colour.

What is the difference between a circulation pump and a 2 speed pump for filtering and what is the difference in running costs?
We use both so we can give you an unbiased point of view. There are a two main ways of filtering your spa; one is with a 24 hour circulation pump and one is with a 1 or 2 speed pump; the low speed on a 2 speed pump is used for filtering and the high speed is used for massage, this is a good way of filtering your spa as the low speed still has plenty of flow so the filter works efficiently and you only need the pump on for 2 to 4 hours per day.
A circulation pump has a very low flow rate, so the pump needs to be on for 12 to 24 hours per day. Hour for Hour a circulation pump uses less energy than a 2 speed pump, but it needs to be on for 10 to 20 hours longer per day, so there is no saving in energy use, in fact if you do your sums and work out how much it costs to flow the same amount of litres, a 2 speed pump works out slightly cheaper.
It is a similar story for 1 speed pumps, if you only have a 1 speed pump, then you won't need to have it on very long each day to filter the water. There has been many issues over the years as the 24 hour circulation pumps seem to pack up within 2 to 3 years.

Some times spas will come with a 1 speed pump and a circulation pump, when building a spa this is actually slightly cheaper than buying a 2 speed pump, a 2 speed pump is preferred by most people as you have an option of having very light massage on the low speed.

If you really want to save some money on running costs, we have a 80 speed Veridrive pump, this eliminates the need for 2 speed pumps and circulation pumps, as it is the lowest running cost spa pump on the market, use speed 1 to 10 for filtering and heating and the other speeds for massage, this pump also comes with wave massage, this is where the pump starts at speed 1 and goes through all speeds right up to 80 and then comes back down again, there is no massage better that a variable 80 speed pump. There is exclusivity on this pump so it is not available at all spa shops.