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Spa pumps


If you have a spa-quip or Davey Xcelsior, SP500, SP600, SP750, SP800 or SP1000 and you are getting an error 6 code on your touchpad, it could mean a few things, the best way to fix these error codes is to try the following.

Reset System
Reset your system, SP 500, Sp 600 and Xcelsior
This is done by pressing temp up and down buttons and the pump button at the same time.

SP 800
Press the top 4 buttons (the two light buttons and the ones underneath each one)


It is possible that there is an air lock in the system, especially if you have just emptied your spa and then refilled it.
The air is usually locked inside the heater unit, If you look at the picture below, you will notice there are two points where the PVC pipes will enter the heater/control unit, these are called Barrel unions or union joints.
To let the air out; simply loosen them slightly until you here the air come out, once the air is out then you will notice water come out, once this happens, tighten them back up. You will only need to have it slightly loose, and only for a few seconds.

You may need to reset your touch pad after this, for sp500 or SP750 just turn the power off at the wall, for the sp600 and some sp500 press the pump button and the up and down button at the same time, for SP800 press the 4 top buttons at the same time: These resetting instructions should be in your manual, if you have lost your manual you can download them off of this page on the right

PUMP Faulty
Another reason why your system may be displaying an error 6 code is because the pump may be faulty, 2 reasons are; that the capacitors are gone in the pump or the bearings are gone and for some reason the pump is locked up; both of these would cause the pump to hum, but not actually come on. If this is the case you will need the pump serviced.

Make sure your filter is cleaned and not blocked

If your spa has shut off valves, make sure they are open, shut off valves are used to close of the water flow to the pumps and heater units, usually so that these units can be removed from the spa without having to empty the whole spa. Not all spas have shut off valves, but just check and if they have been installed in your spa, make sure they are open.

There are other reasons why your pump may be faulty or other reasons why you may have an error 6, if you can not fix your spa error code with the above methods, you will need to call a spa technician, if your unit is under warranty this can be arranged for you from the store where you purchased your spa.

If you have a filter like one of the ones below,leave the lid off while filling your spa, this will help stop air locks.spa filter

It is also possible to fix other brands in a similar way to the DAVEY and Spa-Quip models, for example the waterco models can be relieved of an air lock in a similar way.

Touchpads, heaters and control systems are available from our store phone 9301 4922


spa heater controller sp 500
Spa heater/control system sp 500
SP 601 spa controller
Spa control systems
spa touchpad sp 500
Spa touch pad SP 500
spa touchpad sp 600
Spa touch pad SP 600

Spa Quip sp800 touch pad
Spa Touch pad sp 800
Sp750 Spa touchpad Spa touchpad SP750

Below are some digital touch pad manuals, feel free to down load them

SP 500 manual
SP 600 manual

SP 750 manual
SP 800 guide
Gecko manual

spa filter


waterco spa heat pump

Waterco pump